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About Psychics

First of all, let me apologize for taking so long to write another post. It actually never occurred to me that someone might read this. My daughter set up the site to get me started, but I was not quite ready to do that. Okay, I am going to take time here to address a different…

Behind The Name “Not Only Eagles Fly”

I once owned a small ranch with several pastures separated by wood lots and bordering a river. One of the seasonal jobs in our climate was to clip those pastures once or twice during the growing season. This meant that on those days, I would spend six or eight hours riding on my tractor. Once, I…

My Story

Usually when I read a book or an article, I want to know something about the author. I want an answer to my inherent question, “why might this interest me?” My personal story is not dramatic like those of some writers of spiritual wisdom. It starts out with the normal questioning of a young person….