About This Site

This site is not about religious thought or New Age hyperbole. Instead, I would like to try to walk us on our own path and help us to find our own spiritual experience, our own truth. Originally I was going to write this only in a print format for my children and grandchildren. However, it occurred to me that perhaps you might want me to also share this with you.

Much of what used to be taught only under oath is now finding itself into mainstream thinking and with the easy ability to perform internet searches, I had begun to believe that the need for the information I have to share had been greatly diminished. However, when I search myself for the terms that interest me as a spiritual seeker, most of what I come up with are New Age fluff, sites about angels, and blogs that are primarily marketing vehicles. These sites may be fine for some, but aren’t what I’m looking for and if you find yourself here, chances are you’re looking for something else too.

If you have found your way here and this is what you’re looking for, then Welcome.