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We must become the change we want to see.  
Mahatma Gandhi


Expanding Perspectives. Creating Possibilities.

If you're ready to experiment with some new perspectives, you can broaden your possibilities...

  • Expand your opportunities
  • Accomplish more, more easily
  • Increase your level of fulfillment

Live and Work Up to Your Full Potential!

Everyone has their own ideas of what it means to reach their full potential. What does it mean to you? Are you looking for something in your life or your work that is

  • More rewarding
  • More exciting
  • More important
  • More meaningful

Perhaps you've found all this and just want to be more effective at what you're doing. Perhaps you are still struggling to define exactly what it is that you want.

Whether you have specific ideas in mind about what you've always wanted to do (and just never got around to making it happen), or whether you are just now noticing a vague dissatisfaction that seems to be growing stronger, it is important to understand that whatever drives you will continue to make itself known until it cannot be ignored any longer. It doesn't just go away, so it won't work to "lie down and wait for the feeling to pass".

What is standing in your way?

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of focus
  • Too much chaos
  • No inspiration
  • Waiting to retire
  • Waiting to win the lottery

Every one of us experiences moments (and sometimes even longer periods of time!) now and then when it feels like the obstacles are simply too great to ever be successful. Having the support of a properly trained and experienced coach means being able to access resources you didn't know you had, and to overcome those seemingly impenetrable barriers to success. 

Are you ready to respond to that voice you hear calling you to strive for "something more?"

Areas of Expertise

Coaching technology professionals necessitates an understanding of and  compassion for the particular sort of people drawn to this field as well as a breadth of experience that encompasses all their varied needs. While my passion is directly aligned with the heart and soul of individuals working in high tech, my expertise and skills are also particularly well-suited for working with other achievement-oriented professionals with similar needs. 

More Effective Leadership and Management
Managing technology professionals is different than most other kinds of leadership; where else do you get a team of profoundly concrete thinkers doing what is essentially creative work? When you add the customer service component found in technical support organizations and most help desks, it can become a difficult tightrope to walk. Are you as prepared for that challenge as you want to be?

Career Management
Whether you are looking to increase your skills and effectiveness in your existing role, positioning yourself for a promotion or other expanded responsibilities, or facing the possibility of seeking employment elsewhere, you can more effectively define and attain what you're looking for with a trained professional at your side supporting you in your efforts.  

Workforce Re-entry
If you're planning re-entry into the workforce after time off for travel, parenting, lay-off, or entrepreneurship, you'll want an effective strategy designed to define and meet your changing needs and sufficiently impress potential employers with your capabilities so that you get hired into the just the right environment.

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