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We must become the change we want to see.  
Mahatma Gandhi


Media Coverage of Kimm Viebrock
and Soaring Mountain Enterprises

  • 4/25/05 - Northwest Afternoon - Studio audience participant.
    Contrary to the way I made it sound during this live local show featuring Todd Oldham as a guest, I do actually have furniture. Hey, it was fun to play along! Hopefully the extra publicity we generated for upcoming Lawyerpalooza will help.
  • 1/25/05 - KUOW "The Works" - Extended radio interview on Seattle NPR station weekly program.
    (Requires RealPlayer, available here)
  • 1995 - Seattle Times On The Boards -- Electronic Bulletin Boards Offer Forums to Share Interests, Friendships - Interview for article on local bulletin boards.
    Ah, nostalgia! This one is from the days when I was running a BBS dedicated to writers. Too bad they don't include the photo so you could see what I used to look like with long hair.
  • As for all the times I was on television presenting local forecasts for places like Omaha, El Paso, and Great Falls, or sharing important information about your health or various environmental concerns or the latest scientific breakthroughs... well, we won't count that for now.

    Oh, and if you've got some secret stash of tapes of me on television, I really don't want to know. As embarrassing as I'm sure it would be for me, I am equally certain that I wouldn't care enough to pay to have them destroyed.


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