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Disclaimer I may receive compensation from books and other merchandise purchased through the Associates program. Reviews posted on the Soaring Mountain website are my own opinion and should not be construed as recommendations or as necessarily relevant to your needs. As in the rest of life, you're going to have to think for yourself. If you decide along the way that you would like to purchase one of these books and you want to do it through, I've tried to make it easy for you to do so.


Leading Geeks by Paul Glen is a great resource if you want to understand the intellectual mind as well as what works and what doesn't (and why) in terms of managing a technical group.
Delivering World Class Technical Support by Navtej (Kay) Khandpur and Lori Laub is particularly useful for anyone setting up a support center from scratch and anyone just getting started in tech support management. It won't do the thinking for you but does do a good job outlining the thinking that needs to go into planning and running a good support department. I still refer to it periodically. 
Now What? by Laura Berman Fortgang may be exactly what you need if you have been thinking of hiring a coach. It is great as either a standalone resource or as a companion piece in the coaching relationship and is useful whether you seek greater fulfillment through making small changes in your life or your current job or are thinking of undergoing a major overhaul. If this sounds interesting, also consider signing up for a workshop based on the book.
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