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Soaring Mountain Documents and Articles

TechSurvivor - Survival Strategies for Techies blog
Dedicated to making life a little easier for Tech-geeks
Choose or Lose - Values exercise
Simple method to assess and test out which values are most important to you so that you have the information you need to more fully express your core self
Stuck Quotient Assessment - Quiz
Find out where you're stuck and what to do about it. Companion to Now What? book and workshop.

Online Reading

Bob Lewis - Keep the Joint Running column
Former columnist for InfoWorld; writes insightfully on managing IT organizations
InfoWorld - Online Magazine
Good resource on enterprise-level technologies; free subscriptions available for qualified applicants

SME Shopping

For books, gadgets, tools and other resources that might be useful for geeks who are serious about enjoying a successful life, check out the Amazon-powered Soaring Mountain Shopping site

Although I may receive compensation for making referrals, I only recommend items that I or people I trust (such as clients, colleagues, family, and friends) have found useful. You, however, will have to think for yourself in determining whether any of these recommendations are suitable for your needs!

Wild Divine - Healing Rhythms
Guided training program combines biofeedback technology with meditation and breathing techniques.

Best for the person who just wants the exercises and/or basic training in breathing and meditation techniques. With the bio-feedback equipment, you know you're doing it right!

Journey to the Wild Divine: The Passage
Use biofeedback in a unique adventure game format to develop and practice breathing and meditation techniques to experience an enlightening feeling of wellness.

Fun and relaxing at the same time - use biofeedback to learn and test your skills in the world of the Sun Realm!



Journey to the Wild Divine: Wisdom Quest
Part II in the Journey to the Wild Divine series. Use biofeedback build on the techniques learned in The Passage to learn advanced breathing and meditation techniques.

Deepen your learning, choosing to explore more of the Sun Realm or simply working through the exercises directly.


Coaching Resources

Puget Sound Coaches Association - Coach organization
Local ICF chapter and referral directory for member coaches who pay a listing fee
IAC  - Coach organization
International Association of Coaches
Coachville - Coach referral service
Affiliated with IAC
International Coach Federation - Coach organization
Provides referrals to ICF members who pay a listing fee
Laura Berman Fortgang - Author / Coach
List of "Now What?" / Life Blueprint authorized facilitators

Other Resources

Bar-On EQ-i Research - Emotional Intelligence research results
Listings of research data available on the top emotional intelligence instrument
Llamagraphics - Life Balance software
Windows, Mac, and Palm-based (synchronize-able with desktop) software for managing tasks based on larger priorities


User Friendly - Comic strip
One of the better comic strips for and about geeks
Geek Salad - Comic strip
Another good geek-oriented comic strip
Dilbert - Comic strip
A classic; need any more be said?


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