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Individual Rates

Individual coaching is ideal for designing a program specific to your own unique needs.

Choose from a variety of options offering you regular or occasional contact with your coach, structured or more free-form coaching programs - be assured that whatever you select, we will work together to tailor the coaching relationship to best fit your goals and personal style.

Group Rates

Save on costs and learn from others’ experiences at the same time by participating in group coaching. Groups are limited to 4-6 individuals.  

Group coaching options available also include a limited number of individual coaching sessions that give you the best of both worlds - the savings on group coaching and the extra personalized attention of individual coaching.

Download printer-friendly PDF Rate Sheet

Special Rates

Although not everyone can afford my standard rates, I make it a point to ensure that my fees will never be a deterrent for someone who genuinely wishes to work with me. For that purpose, I maintain a limited number of reduced rate (scholarship) slots in my practice for those who need them.

If appropriate, please ask about the availability of one of these scholarship slots and the special formula I use to determine those rates.

Most of my clients who receive special discounts in their rates compensate by giving back to their communities in some fashion: volunteering their time or paying forward the favor to someone else later on.

Download printer-friendly PDF Rate Sheet

Rates subject to change without notice; please contact Soaring Mountain Enterprises for updates.


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