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Currently, just about anyone can call themselves a coach... so how do you know what you're getting when you hire a coach? One way is to work only with coaches like Kimm who have received coach-specific training and have earned, or are in the process of earning, coaching credentials issued by reputable organizations in the field. 

The International Coach Federation is the leading recognized regulatory body in the coaching industry and has developed accreditation standards for coach-specific training as well as rigorous credentialing standards based on demonstrated competencies and logged coaching hours.

The International Association of Coaches is another important organization in the coaching industry, originally founded by Thomas Leonard who is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field. The IAC promotes a rigorous competencies-based certification program for coaches.

Working with a coach certified from an ICF-accredited training program gives you greater assurance that you will receive quality coaching. Further, members of the ICF and the IAC are bound by strong ethical standards set forth by each organization, another positive attribute to look for in a coach.

Kimm Viebrock has earned her Associate Certified Coach credential from the ICF and is a graduate of one of the oldest ICF-accredited training programs in existence today. Kimm is also a member of both the ICF and the IAC and takes the codes of ethics of both groups very seriously.



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