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Professional and Life coaching is still a comparatively new field. Even when people know enough about coaching that they want to give it a try, it is common to still have questions about how coaching works and what to expect to get out of a coaching relationship.

Here are some answers to some of the more common questions that I've heard...

How Will We Work Together?

As a trained and certified coach and with my many years of experience providing telephone-based support, I am very comfortable coaching my clients over the phone. Not only this an effective method of delivery, it also provides an added level of convenience for my clients, making it easier to keep appointments and therefore get the results you want.

Because I'm a bit of a geek myself, I use email and various instant messaging applications regularly so I am readily available to my clients electronically for short questions and quick updates in between sessions, or on a more regular basis when the coaching relationship is designed that way.

When working local clients, I frequently schedule in-person intake sessions and have been known to meet them in person for regular sessions on occasion as well. Time and travel expenses usually apply and will be negotiated at the time of arrangement.

How Often Will We Communicate and for How Long?

Coaching sessions are typically a half hour in length, 3-5 sessions per month for the duration of the agreement, for an average of approximately two hours of time per month. Some clients find that they need longer sessions on a less frequent basis if they are working through larger projects and have sufficient momentum to carry them longer between coaching conversations. I readily accommodate a variety of needs, often changing frequency and length of coaching sessions to meet the shifting requirements of my clients.

What If I Just Want Coaching for a Short Project?

While I offer a discount for longer-term coaching agreements (three months or longer), it is not uncommon for clients to arrange for shorter term coaching agreements to work through a single specific project.

Ask for what you want - we'll work something out!


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