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About Kimm

  • ICF-credentialed
  • 20+ years in technical fields
  • Puget Sound Coaches Association president (2005-2007), past president (2007-2008), and secretary (2004-2005)
  • International Coach Federation member and Regulatory Committee Member (2008)
  • International Association of Coaches member

Kimm Viebrock is a member of the 2008 International Coach Federation Regulatory Committee, was President of the Puget Sound Coaches Association board of directors 2005-2006, 2007, PSCA Past President 2007-2008, and PSCA Secretary 2004-2005; PSCA is a chartered chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Kimm Viebrock, of Soaring Mountain Enterprises, is an ICF ACC credentialed coach specializing in assisting technology professionals and service-oriented technical organizations to develop and use their skills more effectively, increase their value within the larger organization, and transform their work into a joyful expression of who they are. Many of Kimm's clients build on their growth to "make a difference," positively and significantly impacting others' as well as their own lives.

Kimm quickly engages with her clients and helps them drive toward practical insights and actions, which is exactly what geeks and other achievement-oriented professionals say they want in a coaching partner. If "warm and fuzzy" doesn't suit your style, try "logically creative" instead! 

Prior to entering the coaching and consulting field, Kimm spent approximately 15 years in Technical Support and Product Management as a support analyst, a senior product engineer, and as both a front-line and a senior manager. Kimm brings her familiarity with doing front-line and advanced technical work as well as her business savvy and strategic planning expertise to every engagement.

Her own analytical bent and her extensive work with other highly technical individuals has led Kimm to embrace a strong sense of "practical purpose" as a way of finding common ground with achievement-oriented professionals of every stripe, resulting in a more effective partnership. Kimm has found that combining more traditional linear logic with what she calls "logical creativity" results in more meaningfully effective results. 

Prior to her work in the Seattle-area high tech industry, Kimm had very productive careers in broadcast meteorology and broadcast journalism in a variety of western states, in aviation as a flight instructor, and in food & beverage service. Her original degree, which still comes in handy whenever it threatens to snow in Seattle or for intimidating people who try to make small talk about the weather, was in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington.

Kimm lives in Bellevue, has two cats (first only chronologically), and is married with two sons - one threatening to graduate from college and one convinced that his primary purpose for continuing his education at least through middle school is so that he can begin to learn how to design computer games in the fifth grade.  

You can experience Kimm's unique perspectives on life and work by visiting her online web log, Survival Strategies for Techies, located at

The Soaring Mountain Enterprises website can be found at

Working With Kimm Viebrock       

Coaching clients tell me that I help them get past whatever "angst" and other barriers they might be feeling so that they are more equipped to create what they want in their lives. They report feeling and acting more confident while maintaining a sense of compassion and humility.

Consulting clients and attendees of my workshops often indicate that they had come to expect consultants to miss the connection into their specific business needs or to dispense useless information that is too "warm and fuzzy"... and instead found the information I shared with them to be useful and engaging.

My clients report that unlike so many others, I really "get it" and that they are glad to have the support and insights of someone who understands their world and what is important to them.

I specialize in helping technology professionals transform their work into a joyful expression of who they are, optimize their effectiveness and to use that unique combination to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others around them.       

-- Kimm Viebrock, Associate Certified Coach


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